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Manufacturing process:

-CNC Laser Cutting.

-CNC Bending.


Automotive industry
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Tier 1, Tier 2, Tier 3 - All manufacturers of components for the automotive industry , manufactured from metal sheets, tube or wire, are required to integrate Robotics technology in their production processes- Contact us

Transportation Industry and Power Generation

Heavy equipment manufacturers; Mainly manufacturers of dump trucks, hoppers, and even rail transport systems, they are from the companies with which, day by day, we are exchanging knowledge and integrating improvements -Contact us

Agricultural Equipment

When you say Agriculture, perhaps the idea of tractors or combine harvesters immediately comes to mind. equipment for which we obviously develop projects - however we go further: Palletizing of agricultural products , Packaging, Integrated Vision Systems and special projects - Contact us

Ind. In General and Furniture

15 years ago to integrate robotic systems in the Furniture industry, it was perhaps something I visit with reservation. Today it is mandatory to take the manufacturing process in the furniture industry to the highest possible technological level available. Contact us