Press Brakes Benders


The GENIUS bending press has a compensation system controlled by the CNC system, which allows to increase the precision of the bending process. The programmable backgauge is made up of the most robust servo drive measuring system on the market, allowing to increase speeds and adjust parameters with extreme ease. The 3D-capable graphic control unit allows the simulation of bending sequences, cycle times, and through the virtual die and die warehouse, the operator can immediately verify the collision points that the software will automatically detect. Through the new servo-hydraulic technology it has been possible to increase the working speed in the new generation of GENIUS benders, even now with a greater stroke, also increasing its pressing capacities.

Thinking of the Future-Present: As a result of the integration of the latest technology, and in view of the increase in energy costs, thanks to the control units of the GENIUS Benders we have achieved the highest precision, with the highest speed. , achieving the most efficient and profitable bending operation today, which allows us to offer the market:

  • Perfection in Precision.

  • Profit in the Operation.

  • Efficient energy.

  • High speed and repeatability.

  • Elegant design.

Main Advantages

  • High energy saving potential.

  • Decrease in operating costs.

  • System security.

  • Future-oriented technology.

  • Remarkable noise reduction.

  • Fewer secondary measures.

  • Compliance with CE directives CE