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CNC machining

For an Industrial world of GIANTS
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Master Steel & Service has been collaborating with the METALMECHANICAL Industry for more than 20 years, integrating throughout Latin America the highest Technology of Sophisticated Equipment for the automated elaboration of products generated from steel, being YORNEW currently the most successful company in the world. Asian continent in the manufacture of Miniature CNC Lathes and Machining Centers. They are born as teams conceived for the enthusiastic development of those who, as a hobby, enjoy creating complex geometries of parts and components. In a short time becoming allies of vocational schools, technological institutes and universities globally.


Today, as a reflection of those institutes that have experienced YORNEW quality , the presence of these CNC machines in lean manufacturing processes in General Industry is increasing . Now the entrepreneur has the possibility of acquiring CNC equipment with all the virtues of large equipment, with the advantage that they can manufacture high precision small parts, with a really low investment and leaving their existing equipment available for larger parts. . YORNEW equipment integrates all CNC functions: G Codes, M Codes, Macros, DNS, loading programs via CAD / CAM ... And the most surprising thing !! They are equipment already integrated with the required modules, which allow the Robotization of the loading and unloading processes, making your investment even more efficient.

LOGO CON mini-OK.jpg